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LBB eBay Consignment

We have a large eBay store with hundreds of followers and return customers.  If you're looking to unload your inventory or hits from breaks, we'd be happy to sell them for you.  

The process couldn't be easier.  Simply mail us your cards and we'll have them up on the LBB eBay store within 48-72 hours (depending on lot size).  You can also have us consign hits from breaks you are in with us.  Why waste valuable time waiting for the USPS to get your hits to you?  Simply shoot us a private message on Facebook, and we'll get them up for you that night or the next night.

The fee is a flat 18% of final sale.  So, if you card sells for $100, you will receive $82.  eBay charges 13% of final sale in fees, regardless of whether we consign for you or you sell your own hits.  So, you can see, our fee is minimal.  Plus you do almost no work!  If an item sells below $10 there is a $1 extra charge.  

Once your card sells and the buyer has paid, you can receive your payout in two forms: as Bell Buck points on our website store which can be used as break credit, or as a Paypal Friends & Family payment.

It really couldn't be any easier for you to quickly sell your items and get paid.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.


Facebook Messenger: Bruce Booker