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What is a group break? 

A group break is a way for multiple collectors to split the cost of the a case, box, or mix of boxes of sports cards, so as to make it cheaper for all participating.  Some people may notice that collecting is a bit more expensive than when you were a kid.  Group breaks are an excellent way to be able to enjoy the modern hobby, while also not spending a fortune.  Our breaks are typically done as case breaks where a sealed from the manufacturer case is used.  There are many formats for group breaks.  The two most popular ones are Random Teams, where a random team is awarded and all participants pay the same price; in a Pick Your Team, participants select their preferred team(s) but prices vary depending on the team.

At Liberty Bell, we are able to obtain our products at wholesale prices, so we are able to keep our prices REALLY cheap.

How do I join a group break? 

Our breaks are posted on our website and also in our Facebook group (  For breaks posted on the website, you simply go to the Breaks tab, select the break you want, and purchase through our secure checkout process.  For breaks posted in the break room, you would claim spots on the break post and pay either through the website or Paypal.

How do I watch a break?

We go live with case breaks using Facebook Live in our Facebook break room.  They are also live and available to everyone on our Facebook page  (  If you have purchased or won a spot in a break, you will be tagged in the break video when the video goes live.  It is highly recommended that you join the Facebook break room if you joined a break.  That way there will be no issues with tagging you and getting you set up to view the break.  Plus, the break room is the best place to get all info for breaks, discounts, etc.

How do I get my cards?

Most breaks are done by teams, so whatever team(s) you own, if a player is hit for that team, you own that card.  There are rules that apply for tiebreakers and rare occurrences.  They are posted in the Rules section of our Facebook break room.  If another break format is being used such as Serial Number or Random Player, rules will be provided on the break or you can message an admin for a full explanation.  We ship cards daily and shipping is FREE.  You do not have to pay anything extra after the break in order to get your items shipped.  We print labels directly off of your website order or you Paypal payment.  So, you will receive an email with tracking immediately after we have shipped your cards.  Items are shipped securely in bubble mailers through the USPS.

What are Bell Bucks?  

At Liberty Bell, we know that most of our members are not independently wealthy, so we try to give back as much as possible to our valued customers.  For each $1 you spend on our website, you will receive 1 Bell Buck.  You can use your Bell Bucks to pay for future breaks, future break fillers, etc.  You can also have us consign/sell your hits on our eBay store and the sale balance will be credited to your account (after fees).  So, its basically like free money every time you buy something from Liberty Bell!!

Why break with Liberty Bell?

Simply put, we've been around longer, are cheaper, know what we're doing, and have 1000's of customers who keep coming back.

Liberty Bell has been in business for 4 years, so you know you're not dealing with some fly-by-night breaker.  The breakers at LBB have been collecting for decades and have been influential members of the collecting community for the same.  You won't be spending your hard earned cash with someone who can't help you or can't get you to the right person with the right knowledge.

We have built strong relationships with some of the hobby's biggest names and are able to use those relationships to provide you, the customer, with better and cheaper services.

We have always been known in the hobby to have some of the cheapest break prices around.  You won't see 20-30% over retail cost on our website.  We obtain our product wholesale and don't need to price gouge to make a profit.  

We're fun.  Watch our live feed archive.  It's one of the first compliments a customer usually gives us is that the live video atmosphere is like hanging out with buddies, ripping wax.  That has been the Liberty Bell goal since day one, and will always be a staple of our service.

Shipping fast is not only important to us, but paramount in the current market.  We all know that card prices can fluctuate greatly after the release of a product.  That's why, at Liberty Bell, we get your items out the NEXT DAY after a break to ensure they're in your hands at fast as possible.  You can also just have us list them on our eBay store, to ensure an even faster turnaround time (fees apply).


If you have anymore questions about breaks, Liberty Bell, or just want to chat about cards in general; please feel free to contact Bruce on Facebook (  I am the head breaker and owner of Liberty Bell Breaks and will be happy to assist you in any way.